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Our Terms:

The Customer or Renter acknowledges having, prior to making a reservation, read and understood all the following conditions and further acknowledges having the capacity to enter into the present contract. The following general terms and conditions govern all transactions established on BELINA CAR’s web catalog, and any order placed on this site implies the customer’s unconditional and irrevocable acceptance of these conditions. If the Customer or Renter does not accept these Terms, they shall refuse them by default and must then interrupt the reservation process. Otherwise, the Customer or Renter acknowledges having read and understood these Terms and accepts them.

The Driver:

he main driver and any additional driver mentioned in the rental agreement are the only ones authorized to drive the rental car. The driver must be aged 23 and above and hold a valid driver’s license obtained for at least 1 year. Adding a second driver is free. To rent a car, you must have a valid driver’s license and passport (photocopies are not accepted).

Pick-up and Return of Your Vehicle:

Booking Procedure: Reserving a rental car in Marrakech and anywhere in Morocco allows you to rent a car and optional services such as delivery and return on a specified date and at a specified location, for an agreed rental period. You can cancel your reservation at any time up to 48 hours before the scheduled day for vehicle pick-up by notifying us via email or WhatsApp.

BELINA CAR offers free delivery and return of your rental car to the airport, hotels, or your place of residence in Marrakech, and with additional charges in other cities of Morocco.

You have the option to rent a car in one city and return it in another city. Vehicle: The rental car is provided in perfect working condition with all its equipment and necessary documents for driving in Morocco; you must return the car in the same condition it was given to you. Please thoroughly inspect the rental car and its documents before departure.

Sometimes we may not have a vehicle in the category of your choice. In this case, we will try to rent you a vehicle of a similar or higher category at no extra cost.

Vehicle Use: You must use the rental car in Marrakech and anywhere in Morocco carefully in accordance with the law and for lawful purposes. Do not participate in rallies with the rental car, do not drive the car on off-road tracks if the vehicle is not an off-road vehicle, comply with the laws and regulations of Morocco, lock the vehicle and leave it in a safe place when not in use, ensure that all windows and sunroofs are properly closed, stop using the vehicle immediately if there is a defect noticed in the vehicle, subject to preserving your safety, and inform us immediately in case of any defect found in the vehicle. The use of the rental car outside of Morocco is not permitted.

Reservation Modification:

Modification before vehicle pick-up:

Any modification must be made via the customer portal or by email to no later than 12 hours before vehicle pick-up. N.B: We reserve the right to accept or refuse this modification based on the vehicle’s schedule. If we accept the modification, a new voucher must be available on your customer portal, you must print it and present it on the day of delivery to our agent. If we refuse the modification, the initial reservation conditions remain valid along with the voucher.

Modification after vehicle pick-up:
If you wish to modify or extend your rental, you must have our prior approval. Once you have this approval, you must go to our agency to proceed with the contract modification and, in the case of an extension, pay the additional rental amount. If it is difficult for you to come to our agency, a copy of the extension contract will be sent to you by email or fax.

Early Return: 

After vehicle pick-up and signing the rental agreement, any early return of the vehicle will not entitle you to a refund of unused rental days; however, you are entitled to a nominal credit equal to the number of remaining days.

You can cancel your reservation up to the last minute before the vehicle pick-up time without reason or justification. The table below describes the processing fees applicable to your refund:

Cancellation more than 48 hours before vehicle pick-up: Full refund
Cancellation less than 48 hours before vehicle pick-up 50% of the online deposit amount paid.
Cancellation by the customer after the voucher’s pick-up time, No-show, Late presentation, Non-compliance with rental conditions (failure to present all documents, credit card issues, etc.) No refund.

We remind you that these percentages apply to the online deposit paid during the reservation process and not to the total rental amount; this deposit is typically 20% of the total rental cost. To avoid these cancellation fees, we offer you the possibility to obtain a credit valid for 2 years, equal to the value of the online deposit paid. The credit is usable for any car rental with BELINA CAR, by phone only. This credit is non-transferable and non-transferrable. Beyond 2 years, its value becomes void, and the corresponding amount received by BELINA CAR remains our property.

If you wish to extend the rental, please inform us as soon as possible. This should be done before the end date and time of your rental contract, at least 24 hours in advance, and settle the cost of additional rental days upon your return, as determined by BELINA CAR.

The renter is responsible for the rented vehicle and its documents (car papers) throughout the rental period. The renter is responsible for any expenses that may arise due to loss of documents and accessories and damages to the vehicle observed in their absence. Unacceptable Behavior: BELINA CAR rental agency may refuse to rent you a car if you exhibit discourteous and unacceptable behavior (such as driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or displaying rude behavior towards an agency representative).

Means of Payment: We accept Visa and MasterCard credit cards, as well as cash or checks issued by a Moroccan bank for car rental payments.

Pre-authorizations and Security Deposits: Upon delivery of the car, the rental agency will proceed with a pre-authorization as a security deposit, which also represents the amount of the deductible. Your payment card issued in your name and having sufficient available funds is used for this purpose.

Accidents, Theft, and Damages: In case of any accident or damage to the rental vehicle, even if no third party is involved, you must immediately notify the police and OUR rental agency within 48 hours. If you are responsible for the theft or damage to the vehicle, you must pay the deductible amount indicated in the rental agreement. Your deductible will not apply if you can justify that the damage, theft, or loss is not due to your fault, deliberate violation, fraudulent act, or gross negligence. You must submit a fully completed car accident report form including the details of the other parties involved within 48 hours of the accident.

Your liability will not be engaged in case of loss or damage attributable to our negligence in vehicle maintenance. In case of minor damage to one of our rental vehicles, we will not charge you for it. Examples of minor damage include small dents, scratches, stains on the seats, etc.

Insurance and Deductible: BELINA CAR rental cars are fully insured with a deductible amount depending on the type of vehicle.

€500 for compact cars
€700 for intermediate and family cars
€900 for SUVs
€2,000 for 4X4 and luxury cars

The “Total cost of hire” given on the booking details page is what you will actually pay, so there will be no surprises on the day of delivery. Payment is made in two instalments, a deposit paid online on the spot, and the remainder paid on the day of collection of the car to the agent responsible for delivering it to you.

What is included in the price?

=> A fixed price for a limited number of days, calculated in 24-hour segments, with unlimited mileage.
=> VAT
=> All risk insurance with a non-redeemable excess of 10%.
=> Insurance for persons transported, theft and fire.
=> Glass breakage insurance with 10% excess.
=> Second driver.
=> Assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
=> Delivery and collection of the vehicle at the place and town chosen by the customer at the time of booking.

What is not included in the price :
Fines and fines : The customer remains solely responsible for any fines, contraventions and notices of violation issued against him or her. If the customer does not pay any fines imposed during his or her stay, we shall be entitled to demand payment of these fines. If we receive fines after the departure of the customer, we reserve the right to provide the police or gendarmerie with all necessary information relating to the customer responsible for these fines. In the event of the car being towed to the pound due to the customer parking incorrectly, or parking in a prohibited area, or any other cause resulting from the hirer’s negligence, the customer alone is responsible for removing the vehicle from the pound by paying the fines and carrying out all the administrative tasks necessary to obtain the release voucher. However, we can take care of these tasks and obtain the exit permit for a service fee that will be billed to the customer in addition to the price of the fines incurred, in this case the presence of the customer is required at the time of vehicle removal.

Delivery charges :

Pickup or Drop-off in Essaouira 50 €
Pickup or Drop-off in Casablanca 60 €
Pickup or Drop-off inAgadir 60 €
Pickup or Drop-off in Ouarzazate 60 €

Protection of private information:
During the booking process, we may ask you to provide us with information, some of which is compulsory (indicated by an asterisk on our website) as it is essential for processing your booking, and some of which is optional and will help us to serve you better. This information will not be passed on to third parties in any way. You can modify this information by logging on to your customer area. If you wish to delete your account, simply send a request via the email address used to create your account to the following email address: The credit card information used to pay for your reservation is not communicated, stored or transmitted to any stage of the process at The payment part of the reservation process is carried out at a secure payment centre.